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Do you ever dream
Of chasing the sunset
To find where it goes
If it meets the rainbows end and the horizon’s beginning
If it captures the darkness
And creates light instead?
I do.

Do you ever wonder
Whereabouts of memories lost
In the passage of time
If they hide between forgotten ideas and fruitless endeavors
If they find someone new
To make them worthwhile?
I do.

Do you ever lose
The words on your tongue
And they are hidden
If they fade in your heart or wait until your tongue can pronounce them
If they connect to the mind
And wait in fear?
I do.

Do you ever read
The words of a writer
And wonder what it means
If it is a passage to a lover or a story of broken identity
If it speaks to them
As it spoke to you?
I do.

Do you ever ask
The world of impossibilities
What is possible
If you can chase the unseen
If you can find the mind once lost
If you can speak the words your heart says
If you can read between the lines
If you can define yourself
And the world around you?
I do.

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