The 4 Sessions

June 18, 2013
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“Tell me about your 4 years in high school” she said
When I look back on the last four years of my life in high school
I think of all the experiences, the challenges, and the memories
I had along the way
You’ll probably say you know how this poem ends, but you don’t know
Like poetry, hard to say but easy to write
Sometimes, I wonder where to begin

September 9,2010
The day I became a freshmen
In most high schools freshmen's
Are the babies, newbie's, frosh, freahmeat, losers
As they called us
How do you think that makes
A girl with permanent tears painted on her face feel?
So I told myself to give it another try
Everyone is a freshman once,
The seniors were once freshman
And high school goes by pretty quickly
“What do you remember the most about your nine grade year” she asked
I smiled and replied I remember the day the 10th
graders were taking the regents
And the nine graders were at home chilling and sleeping
I also remember having the best teachers
“What else?” She said
I went on about how my nine grade year was the best so far
She looked at me and said” Are you ready for the second session?”
I replied “Yes”

Like most people, high school isn’t just a dream
It’s more than a dream
It’s where you vision who you will turn out to be without a doubt
10th grade was already a stressful year
With the clock ticking
And the regents were passed the green light
Which met they were getting closer
She took out her pen and began to write
“What else?” she said
I felt scared
Most people I knew in nine grade
Bailed out
Cause they thought it was too much to handle
“Why didn’t you ?” she said
I couldn’t, this is my life
Education is my envy
My only obsession, my only addiction
Most people don’t get that everyday
She held her head up and looked straight into my eyes and said
“Smart choice”
“What about doubting yourself” she said
Well, I can see right through them
I know every challenges is made up into experiences
“What scares you the most” she said
Not finding who the real me is at the end of this session
“I’m sure you will”, she said
“You’ve reach the third session”

grade was the year everyone had been talking about
The year we get to go out in the real world
Work as interns
Well, we were going to internship
I worked at a hospital
Some people don’t understand life, it takes a lot of hard work and challenges to be successful
“That’s the whole point of life
Dealing with the things you think are impossible” she said
“I just hope you won’t forget that”

In high school you learn to make the right friends and the wrong ones
I’ve been afraid to be friends with people
“What scares you” she said
One of those days maybe
They will get up and go
They will take that desire to want to love again
Every night, I will shed tears
And die alone
Just hoping one day they will call my phone
Maybe they will forget about me
“People don’t forget about you, unless you want them to” she said
Ever felt like you wanted to be heard?
“Tell me about that” she said
On my last year of high school I wanted to do something different
I wanted to be remembered by people
The day I stood up on stage and red a poem I wrote called
“A Poem for Haiti”
“What is it about” she said
This poem I wrote for the devastating 2010 earthquake that struck Haiti
It’s about recognizing my country
For all it’s been through over the last couple of years
How it got through it
And how I got through it
“So, I guess you can say you’ve found your true self” she asked
Yes, I have found my true self
All along I was here,
I just needed to be free
From where I was hiding

I just hope
All the times we shared in high school, wasn’t just a waste
The times we shared, the laughter, the tears, wouldn’t just go away
Or that it was meant to stay
I’m afraid to come back here
I’m afraid there will be another session
“No”, she looked at me and smiled
Your days in high school are over
“The session is over”, she said.

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Calliashi said...
Oct. 29, 2013 at 9:16 am
It's a good poem and I liked the idea of it. There were a few grammatical errors and it flowed a little awkwardly, as most free verses do. Another something I was wondering about was who "she" was. It seemed like she was a therapist but I didn't know for certain. It wasn't direly important in the poem but I was curious. The poem was also very straightforward. Perhaps you could include some figurative language such as similes or imagery or important symbols?
Tamy24 replied...
Oct. 29, 2013 at 6:55 pm
I really appreciate your comment, it's very honest and that will make me a better writer. I wrote that poem in my last year of college. My Drama teacher was doing a Swan's Song Project and we had to write about our high school experience. I decided to talk about my freshmen, spohmore, junior and senior year. I am not sure if I can edit this poem. But I will try my best to look at the grammar errors and all the advices you gave me.
Tamy24 replied...
Oct. 29, 2013 at 6:58 pm
Sorry "she" is a therapist. It's like when you go to see your therapist and she's asking you questions and you are replying to her. This poem was like she's asking me the questions and I am telling her how I feel.
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