Open My Heart

June 18, 2013
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Open my heart and let the words speaks for itself
Open my heart and let the world see me for who I truly I'm
Open my heart and look inside my deep bones and see how much you hurt me
Open my heart and find a long gone soul
Open my heart and you will find yourself at a new day, a time and a new place
Erase your mind to feel the pain that I feel when my heart's away from you
Every tears shed from my cheeks makes me hate myself more
I cry at night because no one can see me
I cry for you because no one can hear me
My heart's long gone, love has now become a shadow
The roots that grows inside my heart are dead enough to reach your soul
I'm afraid if I close my eyes, they won't reopened
But, I'm most afraid to be blinded by love
one night I laid still thinking what went wrong,
the scars you left,
the foot prints you left behind
I'll always find you, Who said love was easy
the pain that chokes me at night in my sleep
at noon when the sun goes down, see me for who I am
the blood that long last in my veins
kiss me one last time
please don't be ashamed of me
open my heart one last time, cut it with a knife if you have to
please, open it up to see what's behind it all
there's a heart open and ready to be loved
open my heart to see the coldness of your touch
the night is still and sombre
I'm not asking you for much
let these words fall as potent as a heavy scent
yet, I walk in silence
Ice flowing through my veins
a hunger in my soul
a soul that can't be tame
I'm trapped in your love
when I see you my heart stops
when I bite you on the neck, you'll fall under my spell
I never knew love was so cruel as of now
tears will swell up into my eyes and then begin to fall down my cheeks
and I'm still trapped in the shadows of love
when you leave for good, I'll know you never opened my heart
cause you never knew how I really felt.

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