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When You Were Young

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When you were young,
You dreamed of never getting older and being grown-up all at the same time.
You didn't busy yourself with regretting each mistake or hating every crime.
You never thought about how you had so much to learn, yet you learned all the same.
You were raucous and wild, and yet a creature that no one ever sought to tame.

But now you’re grown…and yet you’re not.
For there is always someone older and wiser, to whom you can’t compare.
Weren't there so many things you could have done better if only life were fair?
And there’s so much you don’t know, just how would you even begin to learn it all?
Oh the things you cannot do! Society has sealed you within its foolish wall.

Yet as a child,
You watched the shapes and roles grown-ups had to fit into. You couldn't understand.
Why can’t you just be who you are, and live free without title, label, or brand?
Since when was happiness a thing to work for, a distant dream out of your reach?
It seems that of all life’s lessons, there are so many only a child could teach.

And you, dear grown up,
In your flurry to fill your head with knowledge, don’t lose sight of what you once knew.
Happiness is but a way of thinking; success: taking joy what you do.
So don’t forget to put grown-up fears aside, and check for monsters in your mind,
Because the worst things in life are what you can’t see, and they’ll surely leave you blind.

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