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Afterwards, When You Stop Loving Him

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Note to self;

1. You will see him in a crowd. Do not search his face. Do not look at him. Don't try to find his brown eyes, they don't know your body anymore.

2. When he kisses her, do not sit there and let your heart break. Go read. Go get drubnk. Go skydiving. Do not sit there and let your heart break.

3. It's okay to cry.

4. If he whispers for you to come back, count on your fingers the number of times he has taken your lungs and squeezed them so hard you had no breath left. Count on your toes the number of times he has let you down. Count.

5. You are not special anymore. He has climbed the rungs of your ribcage and no longer feels the need to hide in-between your vertebrae.

6. Don’t worry about what they think. You can miss him as long as you want.

7. If one day you decide to clean your room and find the ring he gave you, wear it. Feel beautiful with it. You are more marvelous than he ever made you seem.

8. Go to him. Say, I want my heart back. Say, I am tired of loving you, you have kept my heart for long enough now, i'm moving on.

9. And then move on.

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