It's Gonna Rain

May 24, 2013
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Pack your umbrella cause its gonna rain.
Don't see how see how little droplets are such pain.
I prefer the pellets to fall right on my face.
Tracing patterns on the lace
Of a vintage dress I wear on these kinda days.

Hey, did you hear?
Everyone's looking for you.
They all want to see that smile that you tossed away.
And is it true?
That you dwell in your sad days
Wishing on the rain.
Well, what is it that you fear?

Tell me one secret that I'll never repeat.
It's mine to keep.
And if you dare to let go,
You'll feel the sun come out.
And the flowers start to grow.

Hey, do listen?
To the headlines.
That someone (yeah that's you) is missing.
Their heart that they misplaced.
Yeah I know, an unusual case,
But I find it rather interesting.

So you finally start to take things less lightly.
Haha, I hope you might start thinking
There's more to life than this
And once you get out of that mindset of bliss.
Tell me when it's worth the visit.

Hey, don't you wonder?
Why your so puzzled.
At the fact that life seems to always break you.
Well shape up to fit right in.
It's a tough drink to swallow, filled up to the rim.

So pack your umbrella for the showers of change.

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