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Diving underwater, never getting deep enough and always losing breath
Watching fish and praying for gills even though the insta-wing hasn’t taken effect
The air tank’s never full enough and I forever must go back for more
wishing every time that the earth would quit its spinning and let me feel my remorse
It is not a crime to ask for more oxygen, is it? Well maybe amongst the mass of fish
who never ask for anything, and maybe I don’t want gills when life is some sort of precious gift
but who could deny the need for drifting free along Capricorn’s lines in the ocean’s world
never needing rest or a soft blanket to spread my dreams for dreams make up the water’s whole
And after all reality hasn’t done much for me yet. It has left me high and dry, in all honesty
and this being enough that we are all taught so soon is utter bulls*** in the sea’s enmity.
I wish they would leave me be.

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