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I can’t hold forever
To fragmented time
Adrift within withering stories
Of mythological love

I wonder about letting go
Life tugs at my heels
Faltering dark days
Jailing my scorched mind

The smiles
Fade all too soon
Infuriating leisure
Slit my heartstrings
Irksome to insanity

Staying intrudes upon
Lives unworthy too far
Past expired love
Far fallen to depths of hatred

None will reside
Ensnared minimizing burdens
Past yet present
Silence past yet present

I wonder about letting go
All but in a dream
Feeling edges of soft sandpaper
Exploited upon worthless skin
Pallid in need of warmth

Loving small moments
Wounding resolves, inquiries
But they cannot remain
To torture timid innocence

Bright eyes lingered upon
My plummeting thoughts
Reaching curses of safety
Temptation flows in
I need warmth, I love cold

They leave soon
Each second passes by
Unfathomable pathways to sorrow
Scorning my anguished spirit

What is irreplaceable
Forever lost in eternity
Blossomed insignificance
Before them

I can’t hold forever
To myths and legends
I cannot release them
And look into cruel

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