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For Better or For Worse

I like you, and it is said that you like me. Together from the past, we share our history. You can tell when I am sad, or the slightest bit upset. You have always forgiven me for the many things that I regret. We share so many interests and many classes too. You are the only person I know who doesn’t judge the things I do. When you walk into class, my heart instantly races. You are the only one I see in a room full of faces. I know so much of your story, and you know mine as well. When I have any news, you are the first person I tell. I’ve liked you for a while, even before you noticed me. Right down to that smile, you’re the perfect guy I see. I have been building up my courage, my self-esteem. Making the next move is a lot harder then it seems. I’ve practiced the words countless times inside my head. But if I am rejected so many tears would be shed. Our friendship is so perfect and I do not want anything to change. But If I could call you mine, my life would be rearranged. I cannot wait another moment, for If I do my heart will burst. So Will you go out with me, for better or for worse?

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