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Under The Bridge

Would you mind, meeting me under the bridge, tonight?
We’d enjoy the Indian summer,
And would talk about the things we’ve never talked about before.
Sitting there, we’d gaze at the city lights.

Would you mind, sitting with me by the river?
We’d share our dreams & our wildest fantasies.
We’d watch the airplanes cross by,
And would wish upon them,
Pretending them to be shooting stars.

It’s be beautiful, trust me.
We’d spend our night,
Counting the stars in the clear sky.
And when the breeze messes up with your hair,
I’d make it up for you.

When we run out of things to talk,
We’d silently sit there, holding hands.
And without uttering a word, we’d be comfortable.
So, would you mind, meeting me under the bridge, tonight?

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