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Internal Monologue of a Tennis Player

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When I walk onto the court:

she’s not that strong
i can take her
don’t get cocky
stay confident
be intimidating
don’t smile at her, you’re not here to make friends

When we start warming up:

seriously, we’re warming up, no need to hit it so hard
oh, i see how it’s gonna be
her backhand sucks
damn, i want her serve

When we start to play:

get focused
no seriously, get your head in the game
that was the worst effing backhand i’ve ever seen, if you want to win, get it over
seriously, get it over
omigod, topsin, it’s not that hard
did she really just call that out?
run you incompetent little witch
one foot in front of the other, its not that hard
did you really just miss that?
hit backhand,backhand, forehand
what would your coach say if he saw that shot?
he would say
return serve
topsin,slice, lob, topspin, approach
nice shot

I won that match 6-0, 6-1

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