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The Speaking Skies

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Today the skies seem to speak,
of their beauty,
of their vastness
& of their being entity.

Just before the twilight,when the sun was about to set,
a play of colours in the sky my eyes witnesses.

Gradually the colors merged,
it looked so heavenly,
like a sight to behold,
red,orange,yellow mixed to fill the sky with the sparkling gold.

At the end the dim light of the sun spread,
it was so spectacular,
that to see it each creature on the earth was compelled.

It looked like a huge colorful carpet spread over the earth,
upon which slowly every day twinkling stars took birth.

But the thing I noticed ,
it never took to pride though such prettiness it beheld,
To all the vain earthlings the same the mighty sky seemed to tell.

Pride before a fall its rightly said
To fly as high as the sky,
lets adopt the feeling of us from my.

I also saw its vastness,
the openness to readily accept all the right things ,
the most important lesson to be learnt by us , the humanbeings

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RutulD said...
May 20, 2013 at 9:24 am
Superb Writing!!!Seems to me a really talented writer with a very bright future!!! Both writeups are awesum!!!
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