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A Letter From Amber

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These lines you speak of
Are invisible to me.
I can’t see where I should begin
And you should end -
Maybe because we shouldn't.
If there was a line between us
And you hadn't caught me with hands that aren't there
Who would you hold onto?
And who would I fall back on?
Your hands are so gentle
Though I can’t feel them
They are as light as the wind
And soft as the air
As strong and as warm as the many hands
That now touch the other side of this silver shell.
I know you are in there with them.
How else could your dark eyes
Be so light?
I remember when I though of them as merciless
Empty holes that drank light
And let none of it escape again.
And I remember when I though of you as a monster
A demon who had ripped my life from me on that rainy day
I remember when I though of you as a mistake,
A punishment for us all.
But now I think of you as a miracle
A wide-eyed child
With a voice like and unlike any other.
So human and yet so wild,
A voice of falling trees
And silent mountains
And little brothers.

Those lines you spoke of, brother,
I can’t see anymore
Because we've already crossed them.

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