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High Anxiety

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It's five AM on a Saturday,
I woke up with a pull in my chest,
And my stomach had twisted into knots,
It was clear I wouldn't get any more rest.

So I sat up and grabbed my shaking knees,
And tucked them under my chin,
And I looked up at Billie Joe in my posters,
Who gave me a comforting grin.

I felt tears leak from my tired eyes,
That were closed in a hard worried wince,
And my shoulders shook with each breath I took,
The pain has been worse ever since.

I lay down and curled into myself,
I'm so frightened I feel I could scream,
Somehow I slipped into a fitful sleep,
And slowly, I began to dream.

I dreamt that I'm free of anxiety,
Free of that plaguing ghost,
And my mind drifted off to a happy place,
To the people who love me the most.

You see sleep is the only bliss that I get,
The only time I feel alright,
I hate to wake up when the morning starts,
Because every day is still a fight.

But still I push forward with all I have,
I'm not going to lose this war,
It can howl and blow and threaten my home,
But I can still lock the front door.

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