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two bodies becoming one

His head full of deep thought and wonder,
his eyes eager for a slumber,
his mouth ready to speak his words of wisdom,
his heart pure and tender,
his body ready to explore the world,
her head full of admiration and love,
her eyes want nothing but to look at him,
her mouth nervously trembles,
she's afraid of her feelings spilling out,
her heart addicted to him,
her body aching to be near him,

he knows of her admiration but doesn't want to hurt her,
she thinks he has no feeling for her,
he goes on being her friend,
years go by and she wait for him,
and only him to claim her heart,
he finally can't take it anymore and confesses his love,
they are undeniably in love,

both of their heads full of thoughts of the other,
both of their eyes permanently fixed on the other's,
both mouths hover close to the other,
both bodies magnetized always close,
both people completely undeniably in love,

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