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The odds are against us
But we'll find a way
I promise to never let you slip away
But tables do turn
And we all fall down
But I know i can keep you safe and sound
You need goodbye to say hello again
But I couldn't bear for my luck to descend
I won't take a chance
Because you're what's at risk
I won't say goodbye just to know that I'm missed
I'll hold your hand tight
I won't let you go
It's us against the world
Heroes versus foes
We'll find 'till the end
And then fight some more
I'll hide you from the pain that i know is in store
But we can make it through
Just hold my hand real tight
I won't let you disappear
Fade into the night
I'll keep you hidden in my dreams
I'll tuck you deep away
I'll never let them take what's ours
Because soon, we'll both be safe.

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