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If Only you Knew

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Your eyes are a lovely dark blue.
My heart starts whenever I see you
No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try
I just catch the attention of your eye
Every time you walk by I feel a small part of me die
My own heart cries every time you walk by
To you I am nothing
Yet to me you are the apple of my eye
Oh come, come to me
Is all that my heart cries
You contain a beauty inside you that is brighter than the sun
Your presence is more magical than the releasing of a thousand doves
Oh little do you know
I will do anything just to see you smile
Around you my heart beats faster than a rapid river flows
Yet I can’t help but think what would happen
If only you knew
If I lay out my confessions
I need to know will you go
Or will you stay and blossom and let us grow
My heart sheds a thousand tears
Yet the sobs are so quiet they don’t even catch your ears
Please will you tell me now?
Is there hope in my future?
Or should I let the flame in my heart flicker out
Sometimes I feel like I catch a thousand storms
Yet the hunger for love in my heart hungers as if in the middle of a drought
Yes you are the one
I know this without a doubt
Yet unknowingly you have cast me out
Please don’t worry dear
As I shed this final tear
A world without you
Is the only thing I fear
I feel a hundred miles out
Yet you are so near
Why are my thoughts so blurry
When my heart calls out so clear
My soul calls to you with a burning passion
But my internal struggles prevent any action
Other guys just use you as bragging rights
They say, yea she’s mine
But I will hold you higher
I will give you a special spot in my heart
Dedicated to you like a shrine
I’m not asking for marriage
I’m not asking for anything special like a horse drawn carriage
All I want is to contribute to your happiness
I admit I may not be the classiest
But I will make you the happiest
All I have left is one more thing to say
Thanks for listening
And have a good time in the rest of your days

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