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April 20, 2013
By xNicolettex GOLD, Hewitt, New Jersey
xNicolettex GOLD, Hewitt, New Jersey
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today the annual Boston marathon took place
and instead of a finish line, the runners unknowingly raced to their doom
three explosions went off
(and spectators learned that running is more than a sport
it is a defense mechanism)
one more is being dismantled, the newscasters say
and I couldn’t help but breathe out fear and doubt and relief
when I learned that my favorite aunt is okay
yeah, I felt lucky because my family wasn’t burst apart by a terrorist plot
but why the hell should we feel lucky that our school wasn’t shot up?
why are we limiting our compassion instead of our tolerance
for bombs and bullets and all of the things designed for brutality?
why let a man own thirteen guns anyway?
there are ads reeling on the playback footage
“buy American”
our bodies lay on our streets
I can’t help but mourn for all the people that I never got to meet
and for the confidence that I lose
in this country that I love
when hundreds die and we are supposed to feel f***ing lucky that it wasn’t us
but it was us
we are all laying on the street and waiting to be turned over by an EMT
we blame the president
we blame the system
we blame Americans
but it was us
and that is American blood staining the sidewalks of my favorite city
I want to hope that it will be different when I go to school there
but I know I’ll always remember the day I ran out of safe places
because now in the empty spaces of my dreams there will be screams and smoke
Boston was always my dream
America is my dream
and right now I want so badly to give them up
and everywhere people are talking about losing faith in the human race
giving up on humanity
but the very fact that we have hearts that can be broken
tells me that I need to keep going
because for every bomber in this world
there are hundreds who run marathons

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KatsK DIAMOND said...
on Apr. 22 2013 at 6:22 pm
KatsK DIAMOND, Saint Paul, Minnesota
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~Ray Bradbury

This is really good. It really captures how everyone's so quick to blame in the aftermath and how people other than those in the media actually feel.


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