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What do you do when you look in the mirror and not recognise that person standing there looking at you? You've changed yourself to look like a different person. You're not you anymore.
Now you feel empty and pointless. How do you become happy again? I don't think I'll ever figure it out. I need something, something to take the pain away or at least numb it.
My life is a bore filled with the same things everyday. It feels like being stuck in a hole and you can't get out because you can't even see the wall to climb. Stuck, stuck in a shadowy dusk of days, days of disappointment and sorrow. How do I climb back out? Well, I guess I should figure out how I got in.
Was it the emptiness of a life that ended me here? Or was it simply the fear of not being good enough that I sent myself here? To a dark place where I could mourn in a deep depression from the knowledge of trying would be pointless and pathetic.
I shall stay here by myself where no one will know I'm, me.

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