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The storm, silent and still

The lights flicker.
My body lies still.
The wind howls
And a branch is breaking

The rain is silent,
Even though it’s falling
Beating down on the roof.
Yet my body lies still.

I pull the covers over my head
Its warm and safe,
But hard to breathe.
Still, I stay under.

A storm is coming
And I am ready.
It’s the calm before the storm.
My body lies still.

I fall asleep,
But when I wake up
I am floating away
And my body lie still.

Surrounded by water,
I lay on my back
Still and content
And floating away.

My hand reaches up.
The light shines bright.
I am lifted up
And flying away.

I haven’t sat up in three years,
Yet here I am,
Standing on my own
With a light holding me up.

Warm water rushes under my feet
With one step
I am out of harm’s way
And I stand still.

My eyes drift up,
Mouths move back and forth
Then I am left standing
But never on my own.

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