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Flashes Pride,Miles Wide

Crimson and white,
the colors of blood and snow,
We have pride in our team,
that's one thing you should know.
We never lose,though we might not win,
all we do is play it and grin.
We are not ashamed when a teammate falls,
rather we are happy,because that Flashes show their flaws.
Not everyone that supports the Flashes is part of the team,
some just want to cheer for us,to higher self-esteem.
We are all gifted,that is true,
not only sports,but academics too.
The Flashes name is not only for sports,
It's for arts,academics and skills of all sorts.
Our whole town cheers us on,
we never mess up,because their cheering tags along.
We all have Flashes pride,miles wide,and I have a grim grin that I cannot hide.

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