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What are you going to say?

“I have a dream.” Words that sparked change.
“We the people.” Words that sparked unity.
“We are the ones we have been waiting for.” Words that sparked ambition.

So what are you going to say?
Say something that will stick to the tack board of some lost person’s mind.
Inspire, change someone.
What is a scrawny, pale brunette with eyes the color of garden weeds gonna change? Not much.
Is she going to go out and change the world or all lives?
She isn’t.
But she may go out and change someone’s world and all of their life.
Don’t hold back just because of the scale of things.
Don’t skip out on a slice when you wanted the whole pie.
Help one in need, you can help them much more then trying to cure a country.
Yes, you can, but in truth, you won’t.
Just don’t lose that fire to help because reality is sitting on your dreams.
I know you are probably shutting me out because you have heard it a thousand times, I know I would.

I feel weak, like I have nothing to fight for, that is why I don’t listen.
Sometimes I feel the need to inspire, but I don’t have anything to inspire someone about.
I have been lost and every time I hear someone shouting in my ear “CHANGE!”
I hurt because I have nothing I am passionate enough about to share.
I think that is why they tell us,
because they don’t know what they can do, so they need us to do it. Then they can feel like they HAVE changed something.

I don’t know why they set us up to think we can spin the world in a new direction, they should tell us to change the community, it starts with unity. Holding hands in hands, that is all it takes. Change will start change.
I mean it’s strange, the idea that one person can actually turn someone’s plans.
But, try
Cause god knows, we need it.

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