April 4, 2013
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Beyond the fears and far beyond the tears of those who once had dreams,
The world moves on, yet so easily it could tear at its seams.
And in the distance a light, and a tunnel, enclosing in the walls of a funnel,
And the world still spins forevermore.
Whichever way we choose to lean,
To paths of woe and gleam,
We know not of what’s in store.
As the hands of death we constantly cuddle,
As written in books of forgotten lore.
After all the pain I have seen,
And all the sayings, and what they mean,
I stand alone on this rapidly spinning floor.
My feet drenched in the glistening puddle,
Of innocent blood, gone forevermore,
I still stand strong, and move along,
And look in awe through the gleaming door.
And hear the angels sing their heavenly song,
And come to realize,
Through the needy, troubled eyes,
That we live in a cycle that ends no more.
Between the beauty of nature and heaven,
To the reaches of hell,
I stand through it all,
And wish enemies well.
And when the reaper comes knocking at my door,
I will be ready to leave this world well,
To live in paradise forevermore.
And appreciate the beauty behind the hell,
And love life as never before.
To live in peace, forevermore.

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