Magic Eraser

March 25, 2013
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What if someone gave you an eraser?
An eraser that could fix any mistake
that you’ve ever made.
Would you use it?
What if someone gave you an eraser that could fix the mistakes you’ve made today?
Would you take that one too?
What if someone gave you an eraser that could fix every mistake you’ll ever make?
I bet you’d take that one as well.
Now what if someone gave you an eraser
That could do all three?
Would you use it? I bet you would.
That’s what it’s like to have an eating disorder.
In your head, you’re erasing every mistake
you’ve ever made.
You’re erasing the fat on your body.
You’re erasing the food in your stomach.
And you’re telling yourself these are mistakes.
Because the only thing your mind allows you to think
Is that you are a mistake:
Your body is a mistake and you need to fix it.
And these erasers called bulimia and anorexia,
Can fix your mistakes.
Now do you understand?
If you said yes to the questions in the beginning;
You understand more than you think you do.

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