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Let Go

In modern day I ask
Are we just violence with no sustenance or temperance and a constant utterance of roaring sound reverberating of hating through our throats?
Arrogant in our easy aggression, acid in our expression, no discretion to flight no fight?
Well, if so, know this
You are a man askew of value when you use a fist and you are not a respectable impeccable woman when you throw a punch
It’s cowardice, the building of a fortress within the mist of insolence with a fist
You do not assert yourself, you are low, a show of the incomplete, a cheat and a heathen with reason of showing your troubles and your achings in the wrong way
Does it feel good for that one moment?
Well you better enjoy it, because you’ll have the enrichment of ailment from that moment fulfillment when you sit behind the bars of a jail
Or when the shame of another, that mother, sister, or brother, pierces the fiercest nearest and the most deepest in your heart
Or when the clear peer of a bright future ignites into lights of flames and dims to the grims of a harsh useless reality from the fatality you placed on yourself
Or most of all the guilt that built to wilt and wear you away like a knife’s hilt
But I say with disparity that’s not even the true severity behind it all
Know what happens when the source of this debate, these hates, inflate and escalate
When the rash is unable to grasp or clasp the right and becomes guiltless, delirious, perilous and something hideous
Then, appears, in loathsome smears in for the taking and the breaking of much, amassing to the surpassing of physical force because it morphs into the source of remorse, something else of repulsive self and turning to the worse course of hoarse screams
The blunt object
The vile knife
The bloody gun
Sick, dense, sadistic with animalistic hunger for revenge
A person is convicted of playing the restricted and twisted façade of fates right hand and oppress, death.
With the action they erase the soul, are out of place, face the dark pits, inscrutable, un-soothable, and giving the pain of taking a life!
And all of this, all of this over the stupidest, tiniest, smallest most insignificant unintelligent and irrelevant of things!
Because of some word spurred and heard
Because someone couldn’t use their language to express the savage damage they tried to bandage
Because someone couldn’t manage the usage and advantage of self control and uphold themselves
Because pride takes you aside to collide with common sense and makes you commence in such non-sense
Because they want to shove onto the innocent an indignant predicament to reflect or share their own emotional imprisonment
You gain no dignity, no validity, no integrity, opportunity, immunity to volatility, no peace, silence of grief, your not the highest but the lowest and the distressed that needs to invest in the brightest and the best
But you know what?
There is a readjustment in your environment because everyone sure does look at you different alright when you fight
And you know what’s in that assortment of sight?
It’s not worth it.
So, let’s have a solstice and abolish this egotist synthesis of modern Sparta into something modest.
All you have to do is take a deep breath, stop, and think
All you have to do, is truly, let it go.

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