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Allusion To A Caged Bird

You know how Maya Angelou knew why the caged bird sung with all its lung for so long that deepest song?
And you know how that the song is long since gone and its echo still resounds profound to all in time hear and near?
And you know how that bird’s clipped wing grew back into a full fledged stunning feathered thing?
Capable of spreading to the ends of the Earth with a burst of thirst in there unbound beauty made to astound
How those crossed sturdy feet faced defeat with ties of the oppressor, but now loose without the cringing noose freeing it’s holder turned successor?
Except, what about that trite impolite cage?
The cage of outright spite should be gone now right?
Rotten from old age and crumbling like a wet rained on page, un-seeable in a faded degraded stage?
The non- detainee bird free, soaring and touring the open skies right alongside, if not more I deplore, than the other bird beside?
Although, in some cases, for different a face but the same race, that bird is still behind that cage
A cage made all by its own will that keeps it still like a sedative pill
It’s still there, in a cage of its own views it spews and opinions in one and each a bar

That cage seems to apply to the hesitation, mental limitation, in presentation, so fervently of our new and now generation
How us now before this room don’t bloom to their full blossom
Don’t shine sublime to the full power of the battery
Don’t use all we got, right on the spot
If not we do this, there is no bliss to remiss in this
This world of opportunities that you dare treat like a tease and say “Please, those goals cost too many fees.” so I’ll stay back and on the wrong track rather than use what I was given and be driven and take the plunge and lunge into the right place at the right time while I define my independence and send this voice of clarity with no disparity clearly and nearly all across the world
No, you stay behind the cage of breaking of your own making

Men with pants past their behind like a “thug” let me remind you to find the undermined belt because every women felt she wants a gentleman to handle them
Playing the name game and blaming another, shaming yourself, with he said on this thread, we said and fed up with what they said, she said and spread this webbed lie
I say that’s going astray and you hurry to worry about someone else’s words you heard instead of what’s said by parent or teacher
Cover the intelligence and its relevance by expressing and messing up with your fist than the forethought thought
Giving to much thought to the physical attribute and refute the mental status that is the definition and classification of a person
Women caring to much about there men, lover, significant other and giving their body casually instead of intercept and give the intellect, leading to children heading children
Adhering to the stereotype and the simplistic statistic that’s been treading and embedding us for years and we were optimistic and deterministic to defy, deny and testify, against it, but it hasn’t been rinsed from us yet

We, the African American,
Yes, African American and no, not the “Negro”, because that was a diminishing word, a finishing word, an insulting and disgusting destroying word for us, that’s not us; are the bearer and wearer of our ancestral blood
Blood that runs through are veins after so many generations that store the sensations of the gallant, valiant, fearless, chivalrous, dauntless, ferocious, lasting and influential
We, us, now are not using our full potential

This generation can do so much, but it’s stored away beginning to decay
We have our rights from previous fights and our freedoms, see them, now, and you can surpass the skies and the moon so soon
You can disengage from the cage, expound to what’s around, with cut down of the bars you made

Be the free bird that you are
And soar.

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