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The Small Things

Dilated pupils cast vast reflection to, withholding affection for, the limited particle, rather than repose in the glows of a cosmos

The unobserved imbibe my soul with the bulb, instead of the sun,
The flashing dime, instead of the moon
Reserved whisper of distance instead of conserved presence of a short cut
Scribe of word in lieu of its tale
Vibe tap in lieu of music scale

The content smile, but not the implement reconcile in the gaze
Electric ember, but not remember the water you stand in
Nightingale wail but not rip-roaring soaring
Watch the cracking leaf, but not the broken ground

Hunker down the fort of inference, holding no tolerance, lock it with the chains of ignorance
Cover up the mirror of candor, before deplore or detection of the reflection
Conceal the eye, shy away withholding no zeal, before reveal the light that lay clean with blinding gleam

Declination to forsake realization
Turn away from the whole, forget my role
Pick apart the heart of nothing, forfeit something
Forget to hit with conscience, the there to bear with common sense
Look so close it’ll dispense
Discombobulate at fast rate
Splinter and decay just by flicking my head away?
Message never served, cause I just saw the fragment
Laser in on a point, mind going stagnant
Staring so close, the pictures never viewed
Those small things are attention spewed
Truth never found, and that whole, that whole never hungered

Deny that your afraid
Deny your danger
Deny that your sad
Deny your trouble
Deny that your right
Deny your truth

Deny that to deny…..isn’t making you anymore happier.

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