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stitching up your circuit boards This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

when the lights go down,
she falls apart quietly in the corner,
away from her fairytales and fables.

too far for prince charming to find,
but too close for god to save.

and maybe that’s how she likes it?

she’s not sure anymore.
too far gone to consider changing again.

she thinks that the dragon should help her;
because princes don’t stick around
if you’re not a princess.

and she’s not a princess.
that’s for damn sure.

with a tattered dress and rusty crown,
any royal ambitions are long gone now.
her pretty curls are matted with dust,
from staying on a shelf for far too long.

all her circuits shorted out,
five years or more.
and it feels like a century.

like she pricked her finger on the spinning wheel;
like she took a bite of the apple;
like the clock struck twelve and she’s got glass in her foot.

but the magic was half assed,
and only worked part way,
and she’s left here,
in the burned out shell of someone else’s castle.

and she’s not feeling too guilty over stealing it;
doesn’t matter anymore, anyway.

because the fire ripped through it,
and she’s still the
left sleeping alone.

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