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Living Vibrations

Write me a heart
Write me a soul
It’s possible, I swear
I’ve seen it done before
Build internal cavities
with your adjectives and your verbs
Make it beat with the meaning of your specific words

Within this muscle project a slew of sounds
Pertaining to an emotion
Intending articulation: profound
And with this sound create vibrations
Un-cage them to ring and enter chest
For there lies a body
with no eyes and no speech

Feed this spirit the motions of verbal bells
into its invisible mouth
And hatch, it may, the beating of a thumb
pounding into paper
series of rhythm and rhyme
birthing the effect of fertilized growth
This anticipated spirit will break from its egg
and crawl back to its mother
where the sound, first founded, came

Back and forth this inner dance will play
And eventually the sound will take
a more continuous flow
Until the chick learns flight
without pause or break

Without pause or break
the heart begins beating
the soul given life

From your breathing words-
Holy magi, Holy Ghost-
Unselfishly give to me: a royal, Godly stork
Blessing me a new beginning
from this stagnant heap
pointless, un-momentous,

Awake in me a novel living
that I may more accurately sense this world
Done before and done again it can be
Undying inspiration
Folding time into eternal voice speaking

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