February 23, 2013
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I don’t wanna wake up tomorrow
I’m tired of this god damn race
Keeping me here, it’s torture I swear
Let me outta here…

Before she wakes I’ll be on the next train
Lost without direction…
The splatter paint up on the sky,
Will lead me home, or till I die

This place seems far, yet o’ so close
Close to my heart, I’ll keep it safe
Just let me die here

I don’t wanna keep up this race
So close from this faraway place
I can hear what they whisper now
“Come close my dear, I’ll lead you there”

The fireplace slowly dies
But tender well, will keep you warm
Her open eyes leave me glued
Right in this place…

Why am I here?
Question pondered, often chased
I can’t see the finish line
But I know…But I know
It’s oh so close

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