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Dream, Darling, Dream

He sat beside her bedside
Laughing with her as she faded
In and out of reality
He held her hand as she
Tried to get rid of the constant pain
There had always been constant pain
He smiled with her as she talked on and on
About what she would do when she got rid of this cold, white room
She would run and shop and go visit her children
They would giggle as she smothered them with wet kisses
He answered,
"Dream, darling, dream,"
He knew that dreaming was keeping her alive
Her reality was too dark and true to live in
So he told her to dream
Dream of having lungs that could carry you through
Dream of having a heart that you could put your trust in
And she did dream
Sometimes he heard her trying to get up
In the middle of the night
Looking out the window
Trying to fly
But he held her back
And she woke back up
Going back to her cold, white cage
He hated seeing her this way
Oh, how he hated it
The love of his life captive in a hospital
But he would stay by her side
Whether she should live or die
He would tell her,
"Dream, darling, Dream"

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