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Why? Why?

Look at me,
Look and see
Not only my shell,
But also what rings my bell.

You look so hard,
Yet, you only see a postcard,
You stare all day long
But, why can't you hear my song?

Is it my chest?
Is my body what you think is the best?
Is it everything?
Is the fact that I'm a girl your judgment clouding?

We used to be great friends.
But, now, it all ends.
My trust in you
In shambles you can see too.

Why? Why do we come here all the time?
Why is this the only time I rhyme?
I used to be strong
And that seemed gone for so long.

Now, my determination back,
I seek an explanation which you lack,
But, why? Why did it have to be you
The one I gave my heart to?

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