Spring Days (Waking up to Birdsongs)

February 17, 2013
It’s a spring day
and no one seems to know how to act
because it’s still the middle of December.
It’s a spring day
the wind is blowing in our faces
as we continue on
with our unnecessary scarves and coats.
The clouds, so gray
they cover over us and
make shadows under our eyes,
but only to match their shade.
So today, while the weather’s nice
let’s sit on branches like we used to -
the Trees, they miss us -
And I miss them
Like I miss the days where we would sit and think
and laugh and dance and sometimes sing,
I miss the spring time,
the season of breezes and waking up to Birdsongs,
the songs of our very lives
the songs that gave us definition.
I miss those Birdsongs and that cool breeze
and the days when we still knew the rules.

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