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Dear W. Hunt, This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

I promise to keep you
forever alive
in my thoughts and in my prayers

In how I clasp my hands together,
as small as they are--
must that have been when you
held his scarless hand in yours--
I will gaze upon the dear Lord,
raising my head, curls tumbling down my back,
and hope with all my heart that you hear me, too.

I believe that I've seen you here,
and you will remain forever alive
threaded into the bandana
that I have been so trusted to tie tightly
around my wrist.

I admit, in prayer, I thought of it as you
giving me your blessing,
though you know me but from looking out
from the glossy window of your driver's license
he keeps pressed in his wallet.

and so I promise
to keep you forever alive.

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