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What keeps me awake

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The moon is out and the stars are gleaming, and I`m awake instead of dreaming.

My bed beside me, it cries for a body. To wrap itself under its cozy sheets and keep it company.

I would go now, turn off my lights and rest my head. If it were not for the toy beside my bed.

It stares at me with glowing, knowing eyes. Waiting for me to rest, to steal my soul at last.

NO! No, I shall not let it outsmart me! I shall not sleep, not till it is banished!

But how do you get rid of an unmovable object? How would you play the game I`m caught up in?

I`ve grown so old, so very weak and tired. Maybe it IS time for me to sell my soul to the Devil.

They say he`s evil, but why would that be? I have never met him, so I cannot say.

Why would he torture his subjects, if they did what he wanted them to do?
Why would he hurt those who support him? Who keep halls filled with life?

I get not the logic of the living, but maybe it is because I am slowly fading.

My eyelids are going heavy, my eyes slowly closing.

Farewell world I have resided in. A world where memories were made and life well lived.

The demon`s toy, it waits. It calls. I hear it whisper, echoing through the halls.
In the creaks of old staircases and the whistles of latched windows.

I`m going now, and if allowed, I shall tell you if Hell is hallow.

For I go to Hell for the company, as you may go to Heaven for the scenery.

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