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Forget about my ADD OCD ADHD arachnophobia and depression
I'm a process within society mass production of my identity
We're only folding the mold for the next face of Barbie A superficial justification of a waist line too thin for your children. Our children.
Born to die and dying for living
That's okay, we've got makeup to cover the bruises, but how soon until we cannot recall our own faces?
Broken and blushed and dusted to be forgotten Almost wasting but relishing in the lights
Painted over are the divorce papers separating us from it
Pretty soon there will be no amount of television coverage and marketed perfection to trace me back

I'm never moving on
There's only so much that I can zip up into this hoodie - the only place I will ever feel safe
Because I believe that the medias perception of standard is what this society has succumb to accepting.
Everyone is beautiful in every way
And you, with your porcelain lips bitten and bleeding and torn to bits
smiling and faking because you think it cant get much better than this
Ya wanna know something?
It can
I'll hope for you, I'll tear my knees up wishing for you
And say your children are making decisions through a mirror and the worlds eyes, what do you do to stop them from pulling the trigger?
this is social suicide
To step out feathers radiating and freak flags flowing
Smiles wider than your eyes Basking in your peers acceptance
Because that's all we want
A place to find happiness
self expression
Feelings we can feel but cant express if our faces are filled with numbing procedures and false ideas
Feeling we can feel but cant experience if we all dance to the beat of one drum
I dance to many drums
I'm not afraid to be myself
I am beautiful

If you see, these processes within society are lives we are influencing
They're one prayer away from being ideal
All hope stretched over a tiny figure of bony aspiration
Lost is the twinkle your eyes once held, but at least you'll be "perfect"

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