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chain of cognition

every occasion
my pencil kisses paper,
and churns out
slews of language,

my heart
weeps rapids of nauseating
articles we've dubbed

sinking freely into tides
of simmering efficiency,
shredding documents
of weighty

recollection -
should all be remembered,
recorded for a buzzing
brain to cling upon?

wonder -
one may shudder with such
musing, or brim with
amazed elation as they
shimmer with such

noun -
a person, place, or thing.
i've pondered as to how
such grammatical guides
arose from dust of

perplexity -
the most frustrating form
of purposeful practicality,
squelching at tormented

socialites -
her alter-egos' occupations,
for reality has abandoned
her on an island of

desolation -
without proper endeavor,
this could be her
destination for all

eternity -
the amount of years
this poem could stretch,
if i were both overflowing
and deficient of


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