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Alluringly Hazardous

When you drift into the room
you morph into ash-bathed sunshine,

drowning me in twisted flames,
twittering with beautiful monstrosity.

Disintegrating into exposed remains,
headlines of missteps flash inside the

crushing confinements of my cranium.

You unknowingly possess the power
to completely destroy my utter sanity,

to obliterate my sense of soul self.

I’m crashing into hissing oceans of hell,
dancing upon waves of ferocious fire.

You hijack my chaotically pulsing heart,
squeeze it with your prettily hideous hands.

Feathers painted with eighty shades
of crimson float defenselessly down

to the depths of relentless infatuation.

Playing a gruesome game of guessing,
I am descending into chasms of psychosis,

cascading into black holes of icy heat.

You perceive my shivering figure,
charred by routinely kindled emotion,

from above.

Rays of soot-sprinkled light blind
my ever-admiring pupils,

melt my tear-soaked irises.

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