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you place your lot with the
you think it will save you.

i prefer to know.
i’ve spent too much time
placing my fate in the hands of beings more powerful that a little girl.

now i like to handle my own matters.
with facts proved by cold, impersonal science.

you laugh, and tell me that that is a very cold, impersonal way to live.

i tell you that it’s practical.

you leave,
to chase your god to his forsaken land.
you leave to spread your message.

i stay.
i learn my facts, memorize my

you die.

i buy a rosary.

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FyreSprite said...
Jan. 24, 2013 at 12:17 am
Salut, Nice poem. I like the ending :D. Only thing that got me was sthe first verse. Perhaps make it more clear you're talking about God? -thepoorgirlyouDIDN'Tgotoseeeventhoughyoupromisedheryouwould:'(
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