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Smile When You Say Hello

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You pass me at school
Hello, I say
You say it back
You aren't smiling
I am
You glance at my clothes
I compliment yours
You walk on by
I watch you go.

You pass me at the store
I say hello
You say it back
You still aren't smiling
I barely am
You squint at my hair
I admire yours
You walk on by
I watch you go

You pass me on the street
Hi, I say
You say it back
You aren't smiling
Neither am I
You look at my shoes
And so do I
You walk on by
I watch my shoes

You passed me by so many times
I said hello
You said it back
We both walked on
And I watched you go
I started the day feeling good
But somehow it went downhill
Each time we passed each other
Maybe it was my admiration for your clothes
Or your hair
Or shame of my own
Even with all that, I wouldn't have felt so bad
If you had smiled a little when you said hello
Even a little lip-smile
It didn't have to be an eye-smile
Though that would have been nice too
I smiled at you
But you never smiled back
You took my smiles away
And locked them in a box
Hopefully I find the key before tomorrow
So I can wake up with them again
In hopes that maybe today will be
The day
You smile when you say hello.

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