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Not Looking Back

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You sit next to me in the classroom,
But we don’t talk anymore.
I remember last year
When we were always together.
I remember how we were so close
And wonder how something
That seemed so strong
Could just disappear in an instant.
I remember the words we threw.
You said it was just a prank,
But how could you want to humiliate me?
I trusted you with my secret
And you spread it around
And made a game of it,
But I refused to keep playing with you.
I remember how I felt before.
You were beautiful and smart
And made everyone laugh.
You seemed to have everything I wanted
And I thought you were everything I wanted to be.
I remember you once said
That you’d die for me,
But I don’t understand.
You said that you’d die for me,
But you wouldn’t even protect me
From your other friends.
And now I’m me instead of us
And the race has ended
Because I’m no longer trying
To be more like you
Because I’m no longer
Lying on the floor
So I can look up at you.
And now when you sit next to me,
I can’t even see you
Because my eyes are fixed on the horizon,
And I’m no longer looking back at you.

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