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Dear, Miss. Broken

So, Miss. Broken, do you see?
I'm not perfect and you know nothing about me
No, you can't compare your struggles to mine
Don't you know no one's life is ever just 'fine'?
I'm not saying you haven't expierended pain because we all do
So, come here, sit down, and let me explain this to you
I understand why you're hurt, I would be too
But the thing is, you knew what would happen after you two did what you wanted to do
You can't hate me because of a choice you made
Say I'm 'Miss. Perfect' because his memory of you fades
I'm sorry he hurt you and nothing feels fine
But he's tried to apologize and you won't let it settle in your mind
We're finally happy and you should be too
Because the person of your dreams is waiting there to catch you
And now that they've caught you and didn't let you fall, I guess we all get our happy endings after all

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