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The Funeral

I crept along corners
I slid upon stairs
The quiet air was thick
Dead bodies lined the walls

The feeling was unshakable
Of angels watching from above
My empty hands
Numbed with cold

Solemn faces
Dotted chairs
I looked around desperately
Waiting for the glass to shatter

Even in a room filled
With people who loved and cared
The casket lay

Trickling tears
Gushing veins
Adrenaline rushed through me
As it was my turn to have a peek

But the stone figure
Didn't move an inch
Still air
Still hearts

Moaning and groaning
Silent weeping
I turned and shut the casket door
To drown out the mourning cries

So many families gathered
None of them either bit blessed
I slithered out the door
And into a deadly night

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