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Remember when we were young?
How we ran and played till the sun set in the horizon?
The warm hues that painted the sky at twilight?
The birds at flight heading for home?
Perhaps, you remember the wilted flowers in our hair and around our necks
How we used them as tiaras and jewelry
As we ruled cardboard castles
And got captured by pirates?
Remember how we could be anyone we wanted to be?
Teachers, doctors, presidents
Rockstars and knights
Even a being a dinosaur was a profession back then
Maybe, you remember the time when we got scolded by our mothers for bathing in the pouring rain
And got sick the next day
Have you counted the scars we bore?
When we fell off our bikes
Tripped on rocks
Or slipped off the monkey bars?
I think I have seven… or more
I’m not so sure
Remember the nights we spent in the streets every December?
Christmas carols perfectly memorized
Makeshift tambourines and drums in our hands
As we sung our hearts out for even a little amount
Do you remember our day-long Japan tour?
How about the food we tasted in exotic India
Or the celebrities we met in Hollywood?
God, I miss those trips
Maybe we could scuba dive in Fiji someday
Just give me a call
Remember how dinner time is the best and worst part of the day?
Best because we get to fill our hungry stomachs
And worst because it’s time for us to part
I can still picture our filthy little hands that waved goodbye
Knowing that tomorrow would be the same
But, tomorrow has become today
And nothing’s the same at all

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