Giraffe eating pudding or giraffe eating pudding

December 15, 2012
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Everything is the same
And yet everything is so different
I guess it depends on how you look at it
I guess everything depends on your perception

The snow in the mountains
Are they innocent or lethal?
The pretty girl next door
How can you be so sure that she is a girl?

The world is full of questions
But no answer.
The answers are what you make
The result of your perception

Is it the pudding that eats a giraffe?
Or is it the giraffe that eats a pudding?
What makes you so sure puddings cannot eat?
And yet, do we have proof that it can?

No it is not science
Nor am I crazy
But humans are seekers of truth,
And it is their unfailing obsession
And yet you think that you will know
The truth behind the veil and the answer of your wonders.

Men! And women!
Do not seek the explanation.
Do not try to reason everything with answers or math
The answers are no matter
They differ to each person
But if you have time to solve a question
Use the time to believe
That there truly is no answer
And that you will never reach your destination.

So tell me my friend
What really is the difference between a giraffe eating pudding and a
Giraffe eating pudding?

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