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My Queen

My Queen
Locked in my prison of sadness
I cannot escape

Struck down bone by bone
Why didn’t I know?
How did I not realize how sick you were?

You sweet angel,
My confidant
My life was in your hands,
So how can I keep going on when you were pulled away from me
Never to be seen by me again

Where are you?
Why did you leave me here?
So alone

The last words
Always on replay

You were gone, out of my grasp
Before I could tell you
You were like my- no, you were my beating heart
My lifeline

And so,
I will meet you in the
Beautiful place, the paradise
You are surely in now

I will take your hand again
Happiness forever

The knife
So small in my hand
Drip, drip, d




Goodbye, the prison called life,
Hello again, my queen
My sweet, sweet queen
Together for eternity

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