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Could you possibly hear me?
Can you see me at all?
Or am I another leaf—
Forgotten after fall?

If you were to brush by
Would you notice me there?
A forlorn, listless girl
Her eyes a vacant stare?

Or would you join the rest
Not even seeing me?
Another person helping
Me doubt my sanity?

If I'm merely a shimmer—
A whisper in the breeze,
A mere glimpse in the midst
Of a million other leaves…

Then do I really exist?
Why am I even here?
Because I'm starting to see
Everything crystal clear—

There's no purpose at all
For a girl like me to stay
Who would even realize
If I simply faded away?

Once a lamplight breaks
Into to trash it's thrown
And after time goes on
We forget its brilliant glow

Once a person fades
They tend to leave forever
For what's the point of staying
If no one actually remembers?

Now I finally see
I'm lost; a hopeless cause
Already drowning in darkness
My life eternally paused

My outlines are dissolving
Does anyone remember my name?
Left by the swell of time
Yet I'm the one to blame…

Can anybody remember
How bright I used to be?
When my eyes were full of laughter
When I still could be seen?

When smiles were no luxury
And I was always wearing one?
When, during those times
I felt brighter than the sun?

My life flashed as it fell
I've long since lost the key
The one to open my heart
And finally set me free

And suddenly a light
Has dawned inside of me
There is another, easier path
That I've begun to see

Do you understand?
That I have lost my way?
Ensnared in webs of darkness
I have no more to say…

Because everything will be gone
In a single flash—
Silvery and fluid…
Don't you dare
Say this
Is rash—


And finally, I fall
A blade cupped in my hand
Crimson stains your vision
A smile— my final stand

For now I know that I've
Finally come into light
Those shivers down your spine
That girl who ghosted your sight

You had the chance to look
To hear my silent pleas
But you joined all the rest,
Blinded by your ease…

Do you know why I'm smiling?
Not only because I'm free…
But rather, because, at last,
People can see me.

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GlennCocoa This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Dec. 20, 2012 at 9:16 am:
This is long, yo. 
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