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Angel In Connecticut

Me: I woke up theis morning dreading to go to school, wishing this week would be over. Not wanting for finals to come.

Angel in Connecticut: Mommy woke me up by making me chocolate chip pancakes! Her soothing voice made me feel safe. The sun smiled at me; I knew today would be a good day.

Me: I got to school. I had forgotten about my history quiz. Today wasn't going to be a good day.

Angel in Connecticut: The teacher greeted me today! I went to the swings and went as high as I could, letting the sun warm my face and heart. I knew today would be good.

Me: By 5th hour, I was having a bad day. I didn't pass a test. I just wanted this day to end.

Angel in Connecticut: I ran to lunch. Hungry to eat the sandwich mommy made me. My friends giggled and talked about rainbows and unicorns. Today would be a good day.

Me: By my 6th hour of the day, I was exhausted. Only 2 more hours to go I thought. The day is almost over.

Angel in Connecticut: I went to class not wanting recess to end. I sat down by the window. The sun making me feel happy all day long. Today would be good I thought to myself.

Me: Would this day ever end? My friends made me smile and laugh, maybe today would be okay.

Angel in Connecticut: The sun went behind a cloud. It looked sad. I heard my teacher and friends scream. A man dressed in black withe guns started shooting everyone. No, today was suppose to be good, the sun said so. I felt pain. I would be ok though. I knew I would; God held me in his hands. My eyes fluttered closed and I remembered thee smell of chocolate chip pancakes and mommy's voice.

Me: I got to my last class of the day. There was a weird feeling in the class. People withe red eyes, blank faces, and it was raining outside. It can't be good. My teacher started reason an article about a shooting in Connecticut, choking up while she read it. Little kids 5 to 10 years old...killed... How could someone do theis? Little angels now in heaven, away from any harm. Looking down on their families saying, "I love you. I'm okay. I miss you."

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