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I am stuck in a ditch
And I can't get out
I try to believe
But I'm full of doubt

Every inch of rain
Pulls me under
To see me choke as I plunder
The nasty mud has its strain
Around my neck
No air to gain

Struggling to turn me loose
Its grip is too mighty
With no sooth
My cries are no use
The wind has muffled me
With no seduce

As i sink i begin to lose sight
Kicking and pulling with all my might
My faith is trapped
And i have lost my spiritual light

I see the flames and darkness below
I think to myself
Is this for me?
I must truly know

The moaning and groaning getting louder
And my screams getting sounder
With the dryness of my throat
The extreme heat doesn't seem to cope

No this is not for me
This is not what I desire
I want to change
I don't want to be thrown
Into this fire

Then a voice gentle but stern said,
"You made your choice and rejected me. There is no turning back, you were blind and could not see."
In the flesh you were
Now in the spirit
You will endure
Endless pain and burning
No running away
You will never see
The light of day

Does this make you think?
Turn to him
Because he is the only link
The link to heaven, eternal peace, grace, and victory

"No one comes to the father except through me." -John 14:6

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