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My One and Only

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You tilt your face to the sun careful to not stare at it because its beauty is blinding. Looks as if it were on fire with the crazy reds, and crimsons; but on some nights it’s an ocean blue that your eyes could swim in for hours. Sadly sunsets don’t last forever, but the mere memory stays with you. It’s a promise for a tomorrow and a future. It’s your best friend dependable always there everyday. The sunset always waits for that perfect moment to pop out from behind the mountains; it comes out when the air is still without a cloud in the sky, and the crickets make their music sure to fill you ears. The sun has always been my one and only companion, my parents had long left their trail cold. My sibling see me as only a bump in the night, so I get my affection by the hugs from the suns warm embrace, my tears dried from the heat emanating from the burning star. Sadly, the sun isn’t always up as the world moves with me in it at a speed of turtle race. So I am left at night with cold bitter stars and a glaring moon. I like to imagine its still there, the sun, for I do not want to open my eyes to see the dark ominous sky only to feel the lingering loneliness inside. So between the silk woven blankets, and cotton pajamas to sizes to small I wait for the sunrise to greet me again; for it never misses a day.

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